"Thank you again for your participation in our Commercial Aviation Supply Chain Management Forum. Your presentation on selecting innovative supplier partners was exceptionally well presented and very thorough. You touched upon a critical area of importance for aerospace supply chain executives which enhanced the quality of our program and enriched the experience of our attendees."

Alexander Moore
Editorial Director, Aerospace & Defense Conferences, AVIATION WEEK
Clarity Management Consulting - Testimonials

Expert Business Analysis, Superb Results

"Monica conducted an analysis of the activity on our Healthy New York insurance website. The primary objective was to gain insight as to which geographic regions might have great potential for future expansion.  Monica created tremendous value for BSNY by using her expertise in quantitative analysis to make the data meaningful for us.  Her results will prove to be critical for future planning."

Jeannette Jones
Chief Operating Officer, Benefit Specialists of NY


Excellent At Managing Complexity, Brings Teams Together

"Monica has a remarkable ability to get results while managing complex programs, particularly those that involve multiple organizations. Her interpersonal and analytical skills make her invaluable to the teams she leads, and she is able to balance the needs of different constituencies while meeting the team's goals and objectives."

Cheryl Fuller CPA, CIA
Senior Finance Manager, General Motors


Creates Value for Client, Effective Project Leader

“As a project leader, Monica is very effective in executing the tasks and deliverables. Her work on the Business Mapping project created significant value for our internal client. The client was very satisfied with Monica as a project leader, as well as with the project output. In addition, the client’s leadership board approved the next steps of project scope, largely due to the quality of the output. She is very customer focused and a team player."

Daniel Roesch
Director, Strategic Initiatives, General Motors


Motivates Clients, Effective Change Agent

“We were at a point where we were stuck.  We needed a road map for improving our training, our processes, and expense management.  We could not see how we could become world-class in these areas.  Monica lit a fire under us, and convinced us that we could do it.  She analyzed a key business process, and identified waste that was equivalent to the annual profit on twenty-four vehicles.  We incurred this waste for nearly five years without even knowing it.  She showed us how to use the available systems to achieve world-class status in our training without tremendous cost.  She used a methodical, logical approach to lay out a plan for us, and helped us make it part of our DNA.  She taught us the details of managing expense and brought us to a new level of compliance.  We are on our way to becoming world-class for the first time in years.”

Randy Lee
Lee Pontiac


Great Results, Personable, Expert

“One of the reasons I like Monica's work is she is a systems-thinker. She has a big-picture perspective, and as an engineer, she is able to think critically and analytically. She interfaces well with colleagues and customers.  I assigned her to a proposal management project in Australia.  Once there, she quickly established her credibility with technical and management executives.  She did a heck of a job, and impressed everyone who worked with her.”

Frederick L. Kolovrat
FLK Presentation Consultant


Results-Oriented and Customer Focused

“Two things matter at the end of the day:  what did you accomplish, and did you take care of the customer.  Monica knows how to prioritize, and these goals are consistently at the top of her list.  She has an ability to get through the noise and determine what is really important.  I watched her accomplish things for our business that no one else seemed to be able to get done.  She is always concerned about taking care of the customer, and she uses the processes and tools that are at her disposal to accomplish that goal.”

Gerald C. Rapp
Bill Rapp