Services & Results

Here are a few examples of Clarity's past performance and the transforming results we have achieved with our clients. They represent only a subset of our body of work and the practice areas in which we identify issues and provide innovative solutions.

"Monica created tremendous value for BSNY…her results will prove to be critical for future planning."

Jeannette Jones
Chief Operating Officer, Benefit Specialists of NY


Clarity's Clients are:

  • Executives who are forward thinking and focused on continuous improvement
  • Executives who will benefit from Clarity's unique combination of process improvement, project management, and team development expertise
  • Leaders who can inspire innovation in their organizations
  • Organizations that need to implement key value drivers

Business Process Improvement

Clarity conducted an analysis to identify gaps and overlaps in the business processes of a domestic automaker's sales organization. This consisted of approximately 50 interviews with executives in various departments. We summarized and analyzed the findings and created a preliminary process map that highlighted duplication in some key areas.

The client used the findings as an input for reviewing and realigning business tasks. The analysis also served as a springboard for additional work in later phases of the project.

Team Development and Productivity Improvements

Clarity designed and implemented programs to improve team performance and warranty management for an automotive client. We conducted reviews of the team’s documentation, trained team leaders on their responsibilities, and ran biweekly feedback sessions that addressed compliance. We also trained the general manager to ensure that he could take ownership of the ongoing reviews after a period of time.

These steps resulted in improved coordination and cooperation among team members. Productivity increased, and as a result, the client was able to devote resources to managing warranty claims, a process that had been outsourced for five years. This improvement resulted in annual savings of 15%.


Clarity analyzed a key business process for an automotive client and determined that the organization was doing 90% of the work for this process, even though they were paying an outside firm to manage the entire process. We determined that the client could easily perform the remaining 10% with no material increase in workload. We used these findings to motivate the client to manage the entire process for the first time in four years. We also trained the organization on meeting documentation requirements so they could maintain a satisfactory level of compliance. Savings generated by in-sourcing the entire process increased net income by 17%.

Procurement Solutions

Clarity managed the effort to consolidate multiple print contracts to achieve volume pricing for a marketing client. This included researching suppliers, identifying the business requirements, and creating a Request for Proposal (RFP). We coordinated the bid, review, evaluation, and final selection process.

Three contracts were consolidated into one with a new, more innovative supplier. This supplier delivered technology improvements that drove annual savings of 20%.

Customer Satisfaction and Repeat Sales

Clarity developed and documented a protocol for a client to use in addressing individual customer concerns. The client utilized this protocol regularly and increased their effectiveness in dealing with customer issues.

This led to timelier problem resolution and improved customer relations. As a result, several customers chose to accelerate new purchases.

Training and Compliance

Clarity developed and implemented a program to bring a client into compliance with franchisor training requirements. We worked directly with managers throughout the life of the program to ensure completion. We also worked with the client to build accountability for ongoing compliance.

The client’s organization achieved and maintained required training levels for the first time in three years.