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How to Select Innovative Supplier Partners Using a 5-Step Project Management Approach

Now more than ever, supplier selection must produce stellar results as companies increase their focus on supply chain management and push more requirements down the chain to their partners. Business continues, but with different strategies. For example, Siemens AG plans to reduce costs by centralizing 47% of its procurement spending by 2010, compared to its current level of 29%.

Clearly, companies are viewing changes in supplier management as a way to gain more value from their partners. Consequently, performance expectations are increasing, and companies are using their supplier partnerships as a means of driving innovation. Using the right supplier selection tools can play a critical role in building value-based relationships.

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Basic Characteristics of a Process Mapping Project

Process maps are usually generated to help clients establish a clear understanding of their business processes so they can identify the work that takes place within the organization.  Process mapping activities reveal the functional home of specific areas of work, as well as possible gaps or overlaps across different groups.  This article briefly describes some of the key attributes associated with a project of this type.

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